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Raya Almansouri

 My kids forgot take away food leftovers in my car during a weekend. The food stayed in heat for 3 days causing bad odors that lasted many days till Amber Cleaning did the job. Also, my brother, who occasionally uses my car, smoked Midwakh with his friend, repeatedly. I never believed there is anything that can be done, I was planning to sell the car believing that the smell will remain there forever especially when I turn on the AC. Thank you Amber Cleaning! You’ve done magic to the car I love.

Shweta Menon

We receive a lot of visitors and relatives at our villa. The floor is marble all around. Kids spilling food and liquids all around and not everyone respect walking without shoes. Our marble floor lost its glossy and transparency look in just few years. Amber Cleaning team restored that luxury look without even making a mess! I was expecting a mess from floor polishing but they were very very organized and knew what they were doing. No mess and excellent result. I highly recommend them.

Mirna Awad

I had Amber Cleaning do a deep cleaning at our home. We have 5 bedrooms, it is a big house and our two maids cannot keep up with kids and pets around. They deep cleaned our home, they cleaned the mosaic tiles of the pool and the best job they did was how they cleaned our AC! We had a lot of ducting and I was not aware of how bad it gets inside till I saw it all on camera. I really thank them for the efforts they did and the quality they gave. They are worth every Dirham we paid for their service.
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