Leather Cleaning and Restoration

Leather Cleaning

Leather furniture is an excellent investment for any home. Though leather is extremely durable, evidence of wear is easily noticeable. Over time, body oils, perspiration, skin acids, and regular wear and tear can diminish the appearance of leather furniture, leaving dark spots or stains which is why cleaning and maintenance are so important. Most do-it-yourself cleaning products on the market are not appropriate for leather and may break down leather finishes, leading to dryness and cracking. Therefore, it is always best to work with a professional leather cleaner like Amber Cleaning.

At Amber Cleaning , we provide leather clean and restore services at the best rate. With our decades of experience in the field, we understand our client’s requirements.  We are a team of highly skilled professionals who have the experience, knowledge and expertise to handle all types of leather cleaning services. 

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our highly qualified experts train different cleaning teams in different ways.


Our hassle-free process gives you convenience and peace of mind.

Affordable Price

We ensure that you get top-of-the-line services without breaking the bank.

No Hidden Fees

There are no hidden fees or extra charges when you choose us for your leather clean and restore needs!

Team of Professionals

We have a team of professional leather cleaners.

No more iffy-looking furniture!

Amber Cleaning will ensure that all stains on your leather sofa or chair are removed without damaging the fabric.

Advanced and Latest Techniques

We use advanced and latest techniques in cleaning your furniture to protect your leather furniture from dirt, stains and spills.


How do you make old leather look new again?

You can use simple solutions of cleaners to get back the shine of the leather. But, experts suggest that leather is an expensive asset. Therefore, one must deal with it with care and precautions. Therefore, choosing a trustworthy cleaning company to provide quality leather clean and restore services would be best.


Can you restore really old leather?

Yes, you can surely restore old leather by using a leather revival. It is an oil-based liquid that helps replenish the fiber. A reputable company can provide all services tailored to your needs at affordable rates. For further queries, Contact Us.

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